Our Mission

Lab-tech traces its lineage back through over 80 years of optical history. Throughout that time, we have brought to both optical practitioners and retailers a timely range of products and services developed to meet the needs of changing business.

Now, as one of the most reliable distributors of optical supplies in the country, we've continued our expansion to include a newly developed lens division. Over the years, we've built our reputation on having the quality products you need when you need them, giving you the service you deserve and a commitment you can rely on. We're happy to say that this philosophy is still at work, even during these uncertain times.

Lab-tech is poised for the new millennium. Through new product developments and key acquisitions, Lab-tech remains a driving force in providing the latest in first quality lenses and optical supplies. As you take a few moments to learn about our company, we hope you discover how working with Lab-tech is not only a friendly experience, but how our corporate structure can help your business grow.

Contact Us

For complete product information, sales inquiries, the latest news & promotions from Lab-Tech Inc., please contact one of our customer service or sales representatives for more information.